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Boston Terrier memorial gifts – Find the perfect sympathy gift for your Boston Bull

We love our pets and the loss of a treasured dog is a difficult experience.

Our unique Boston Terrier inspired collection makes for a comforting gift if you have recently lost your dog or know someone who has, and can serve as a treasured memory keepsake.

Boston Terriers are small, compact, short-tailed, and well-balanced dogs that weigh no more than 25 pounds. They wear this stylish tuxedo coat that can come in white and brindle, black, or seal.

To celebrate your dog’s unique personality, you can personalise most of our products with your doggy’s name or add a sentence in memory of your companion to make your remembrance even more unique.

We also offer a personalised pet portrait service where you can send us a picture of your dog and our artists will paint a digital portrait for a very personal framed or unframed print, canvas wall print, throw cushion or custom mug.