Renaissance pet portraits, the quirky new trend your pets will love

Renaissance pet portraits, the quirky new trend your pets will love

For the majority of pet owners, their little furry friends are part of their family, and some might even elevate their animals to the status of royalty.

Beyond just being mere companions, there is scientific evidence that proves that pets help keep their owners fit and healthy. They are so many benefits of owning them the most important one being that pets make great friends for everyone in the family. Indeed, they are a source of love and friendship. They also help boost your mood and allow you to remain fit and healthy by helping you exercise. Pets may also help reduce stress and anxiety.

With all these benefits in mind, it is easier to understand why pet owners might consider their pets royalty and might want to treat them as such. There is currently a growing trend right now of commissioning a custom Renaissance-style portrait of your pets that is worthy of being hanged on your mantlepiece.

It is a fun and loving way to help pet owners express their love, adoration and sometimes obsessiveness with their beloved pets.

A Renaissance portrait will give your pet the royal treatment and will offer its owner the most unique pet gift we’ve ever seen.

Our new renaissance and regal per portrait service enable pet owners to immortalise their pet with a one of a kind, custom painted portrait or hand-drawn illustrated portrait.

Our aim is to bring you a traditionally expensive process at a much more affordable price point with the goal of helping pet owners celebrate and express their love for their pets.

Our unique design process will help show off and reveal your pet’s unique personalities through each of the different costume options.

Renaissance pet portraits, the quirky new trend your pets will love

Getting your own regal or renaissance portrait is super easy:

To commission your classy and elegant portraits, all you have to do is send us one picture of your pet and pick a portrait costume style as well as the type of wall art (stretched canvas or framed print).

Then our skilled animal artists will then make you a 100% custom made portrait within five working days. They will capture your pet’s unique personality and facial expression and turn your pet photo into a one of a kind beautiful pet art.

Renaissance pet portraits, the quirky new trend your pets will love

Our artists will expertly craft the portrait and will feature the hallmarks of a signature Renaissance-style masterpiece. After you approve the portrait, you can print it on canvas or on a framed or unframed print that will be ready to hang on your wall. The portrait will go into production, and we will ship it within five working days.

The custom Renaissance pet portrait will become a cherished piece of art that will be central to your conversations with your family and friends. It’s the perfect gift for someone obsessed and infatuated with their pet. The unique and personalised portrait will last for years and can be passed down from generation to generation so your pet’s legacy can last forever. It is also a great way to immortalise pets that have passed away as a memorial gift. These portraits make excellent gifts for any occasion for the dog lover in your life and will surely make them smile every time they see it.

To get your very own pet portrait, click here to browse through our available painting styles. If you don’t find what you want, please let us know, and our artists will create something for you.

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